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School Safety

(Counter-Active Shooter)


Sometimes bad people decide to do bad things.


Sometimes it's because they're mad at the world. Sometimes it's because they were poorly raised.

But when it comes to a school full of our children, the "why" is irrelevant. This course will give you the "How" to help secure or defend the children in your care

School Safety Course

Designed for school employees, this 16 hour course covers techniques, tactics, and procedures to respond to an active shooter or other violent incident at their school or school-type environments.

Based on the DPS/ALERRT model of Avoid, Deny, and Defend, our DPS-Certified instructors will cover prevention strategies, defensive strategies, and movement in active shooter environments. School personnel will also receive stress inoculation to accompany their classroom and range training.

Graduates will receive a certificate of completion to take back to their School Administration and a discount on future training with Interritus.

In-Home Training

Interritus Instructor will come to your home, office, or other location and conduct the classroom portion of the course for up to 12 students.

Class will require two (2) trips to the range.



$450 per student plus range fees

Private Classroom Training

Interritus arranges classroom space and range time for your group of up to 12 students.

Class will require two (2) trips to the range


$400 per student plus range and classroom fees spread out over the group.

Fine Print

Welcome to the fine print. We realize that some of this sounds pretty harsh, but handling a firearm in a crowded school environment in preparation for an active shooter or other violent event is one of the most serious things that armed citizens can undertake. We must commit to holding ourselves to the highest possible standard.

Fee is nonrefundable and paid in advance.

Candidates MUST have their Texas License-to-Carry or Federal/State Equivalent prior to class starting.

A completed LTC-100 will be accepted for enrollment, but certification may be withheld until the candidate's LTC is issued.

Course failures will not be offered remediation. Failures must re-take the entire course.  (Rationale: These are our children you're training to protect and defend and we will not graduate anyone who does not meet standard.)

Safety violators may be ejected from the course without warning or refund. Ejectees may re-enroll upon presentation of proof of ability to safely handle a firearm. (See previous paragraph for rationale.)

Candidates will be exposed to extremely disturbing sights and sounds. This is unavoidable as a part of the stress inoculation process.

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