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Customized Training

Coaching and Custom-Designed Training 


Interritus will simply accompany you to the range and coach you or design a custom course. Interritus will take your requirements and desired end state and work with you to create a training plan to meet your needs.


Training will incorporate on- and off-range elements based on your requirements.

Defensive Shotgun Training 


This is not a trap or skeet course.


The shotgun is THE close-quarters defensive firearm. Interritus will send an instructor to your home or office to survey the premises and make recommendations.


Never fired a shotgun before? Interritus will teach you to safely operate a shotgun in a defensive capacity.


This training will incorporate in-home/office and range elements based on your requirements.



Never owned a firearm before? Got a new firearm and not sure how to care for it? Let Interritus send an instructor to you to show you how to do it right. We'll teach you how to break it down, clean it, reassemble it, test it for function, and when you should take it to an armorer.


Can't get it clean? Don't want to clean it? Interritus will disassemble, clean, reassemble, and function test your weapon for a nominal hourly rate.

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