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Our Mission

Interritus, LLC was formed with only one goal in mind: to train our clients in the safe, effective use of small arms in a relaxed setting. Our objective is not to turn Joe Civilian into a Special Forces Operator. There are plenty of established schools out there which provide advanced training to our nations special operators, law enforcement, and civilians who want to know what they go through.


Our objective is to give the everyday, law-abiding citizen the Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures (TTPs) to enjoy the sport of shooting, enjoy the advanced-level training offered here in Texas and around the country, and to help them help themselves when the unexpected happen. While your odds of needing to assault through an objective and rescue a hostage are very low in the United States, the odds of an attempt on yourself at home or on the street are comparatively higher. You deserve the capability to be your own first responder.


Interritus is focused on the everyday, the normal, and it’s reflected in our name “Interritus”. It’s Latin for “without fear” or “fearless”. It doesn’t mean that you should take our training and go looking for a conflict. It’s what we believe that our students should be as they go about their normal lives, whether at home, on the way to work, or out with friends and family.





Interritus LLC conducts research and consulting to answer all of your small-arms and defensive questions.


Interritus can send a staffer to your location to consult in person or you can send us your requirements via phone or email.



*Additional fees may apply based on your desired facilities.

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