Good Guys With Guns

Welcome to Good Guys With Guns, Interritus Mobile Firearms Training's blog dedicated to the idea that Armed Self-Defense is nothing to be ashamed about and is an unfortunately-necessary part of living in today's crime-riddled society.

We have decided to start this in response to the, somtimes literally, hundreds of negative stories featured in the mainstream media outlets which are dedicated to the elimination of the firearm as a viable tool for self-defense with the claim that only properly trained police and military personnel are qualified to use them.

We at Interritus believe that police officers have their place in our society and we support them in the difficult job that they do. However, they are by their nature and design a reactive force, unable to help until summoned. We at Interritus believe that, as the first person to arrive at the scene of something bad happening to you is...You, that You Are Your Own First Responder and that you have a moral obligation to society to help yourself as much as possible.

Originally, this was a feature of our Facebook Page, featuring a daily dose of successful self-defense or other positive firearms use by civilians as a response to this idea. Converting to a blog format will allow a more in-depth discussion of the event and how it could have possibly been prevented or mitigated by the victim or bystanders.

This is not victim-blaming. The military and police do this after every event. It's called an "after-action" or "hot wash" and is used to identify mistakes and opportunities. In almost every violent criminal assault upon a person or location in the civilian world, there is something that could have been done differently to mitigate the damage or prevent the assault from occurring.

Sometimes prevention is as simple as paying attention to your surroundings. Sometimes it's as difficult as fighting off that guy who forced himself into your home when you answered the door. And sometimes prevention is impossible, such as a random maniac intent on racking up a high-score in a gun-free zone, and violence must be met with violence to mitigate the damage.

Such is the world we live in, and such is what we will discuss.

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