Illinois Burglar Shot During Daylight Break-In

Rockford, IL

Local news media are confirming that a suspected burglar was shot and killed, most likely by a homeowner, in Rockford, Illinois. According to unnamed witnesses, this same residence was the subject of a burglary attempt only a few weeks prior.

While we at Interritus lament the loss of life in this incident and our condolences go out to the burglar's family, we will not condemn a homeowner defending themself or their property.

More and more, burglars are targeting homes during daylight hours, as they expect homeowners to be out at work. For those of us that work at home, this is small comfort as it means that we are most definitely home during the break-in.

Please note the lack of statements in any of these reports that state the police were on scene during the incident. The homeowner, however, was right there from the moment the incident started.

This is the heart of Interritus' philosophy of self-defense: You Are Your Own First Responder. No matter where you're going or what you're doing, when something bad happens to you, you are the first person on-scene. Whether you need police, fire, or medical, anything you can do to help yourself will save you time, will save you money, and will quite possibly save your life or the lives of those around you.

Get trained and be prepared

For those of you who want to follow this more closely, here are the links:

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