Oxygen-Dependent Retiree Shoots Intruder, Stops Daytime Robbery of His Home

22 September 2015, Phoenix, Arizona

This afternoon, a teenaged burglar in Phoenix decided that he didn’t believe a 60 year-old, oxygen-dependent retiree when he said he had a gun. The miscreant continued through the retiree’s back window, ignoring a SECOND warning from this Good Guy With A Gun. For his troubles, this hoodlum is now fighting for his life in critical condition after our elderly hero made good on his threat and shot him.

Ladies and gentlemen, it may be that finding a stranger coming through your freshly-broken window is a good thing in some parts of America; but not here in Texas and, apparently, not in Phoenix.

According to Phoenix PD Sgt. Vince Lewis, “The man continued to try to attempt entry into the home. The homeowner perceived a second threat from the subject and then fired a shot at the subject.”

According to multiple news outlets, the suspect then retreated, collapsing in an alley not far from the site of his misguided misdeeds. Paramedics took him to the hospital in what is described as “Extremely Critical Condition”

Neighbor Raquel Valenzuela, herself a burglary victim just last week, had this to say about the shooting, “That’s the only thing you can do. Because by the time you call the cops, it’s going to be a while. What can you do by the time he comes in? If you have something to defend yourself, then defend it.”

And this is our lesson for the day, not just that you should never mess with the elderly (as they will beat you into the ground with an oxygen bottle) but also that all responses takes time. It takes time to pick up the cell phone, enter the security code, or enable the emergency call function. It takes even more time for the dispatcher to pick up, determine your location, and dispatch units to your house. You have to make rapid decisions in how you spend that time. Sometimes it's better spent in defending yourself than in waiting for the cavalry.

Yes, unless you live in Detroit, they’ll be running Code 3 (lights, sirens, and a willful disregard for some basic traffic safety) to get to you in time to save you, but will they succeed? They’re not responsible if they don’t. (See also Warren v. District of Columbia, 1981)

By the time police and EMS arrived, the incident was over. Our elderly hero was able to use an equalizing force (in this case, a handgun) to counter unwarranted, undeserved aggression from someone much younger, much stronger, and much more capable of inflicting harm.

This is, yet again, your daily dose of reality. A gun, properly used, can save your bacon. As our President has said, “…if it saves just one life…”.

And I agree. If it can save your life, get a gun. Get some training to go with that, maybe a nice holster. But take responsibility for yourself. You’re already there, you may as well do something to ensure your survival. You Are Your Own First Responder.

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