27 Year-Old Home Invader Picks Wrong Home Office In Indianapolis

21 September 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana

A 27 year-old career criminal, wanted on charges of strangulation, drug dealing, unlicensed possession of a firearm, and resisting arrest took it one step too far. In an attempt to procure further funds, Mr. Anthony Talley decided it would be a great idea to rob a 75 year-old woman of her rental proceeds.

Police indicate that Mr. Talley walked into the unnamed woman’s home office and pointed a gun at her. That’s about as far as he got before his plan unraveled and he went from menacing an elderly woman to laid-out on the floor, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. Mr. Talley failed to see his victim’s husband, but her husband did not fail to see the perpetrator.

Our assailant is now listed in Critical condition at a local hospital, fighting for his life after an uncaring society left him with no alternatives but to commit a series of violent crimes.

Update (20151009): Mr. Talley has expired of the wounds he recieved from a man who didn't appreciate his wife having a gun pointed at her. (The Link: http://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2015/10/07/armed-robbery-suspect-shot-homeowner-dies-hospital/73512732/)

His victims are unharmed, physically. Emotionally? Not so much. Both the woman who was menaced and her husband, a Good Guy who ended the threat With A Gun, are extraordinarily upset over the whole incident.

Neighbors, many of whom rent houses from the victims, were shocked that such violence occurred in their quiet, suburban neighborhood, but are in agreement that Mr. Talley received exactly what he deserved.

A police spokesman said that the best way to deal with an assault of this sort is to let the assailant have what they want.

What lessons can we learn from this incident?

1. Preparation. In today’s world, a violent incident of this type can occur with no warning. You will be starting out well behind the power curve and will have to play catch-up to gain control of the situation and prevail. Ensuring that you have a good security system and the means of resistance available is nearby; whether that’s a safe-room, an escape route, or a ballistic solution.

2. Training. A part of preparation, your means of resistance or escape is only as good as your last training session. Simply buying a gun or installing a panic room is not enough, if you don’t know how to use it. In this case, the husband had the element of surprise and wherewithal to put multiple shots on target without injuring his wife or anyone else.

3. Recovery support. Just because you survived the violent encounter, doesn’t mean that’ll be the end of it. In addition to possible retaliation by friends/family of the person you’ve been forced to shoot, there are emotional consequences when a normal, well-adjusted human being is forced to employ lethal force against another human, regardless of how well it was deserved. The support of their friends, neighbors, and tenants will go a long way towards helping them heal.

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