Why We Need A Good Guy With A Gun (Update for: Armed Citizen Foils Bank Robbery)

21 September, Warren, Michigan

As detailed in our previous post, Armed Citizen Foils Bank Robbery, a 43 year-old decided that he needed the money in a Warren, MI bank. So he got physically violent with the staff, robbed the bank, and was shot three times for his troubles.

Now, Detroit Free Press, MLive, and Fox 2 Detroit have revealed more about this incident.

Henry Houston Mann, of Ypsilanti, MI, in addition to his current charges incurred while robbing the bank in broad daylight, was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder and Assault With Intent To Do Great Bodily Harm in 1989.

Title 18 U.S.C. § 922 specifically prohibits felons from possessing firearms. It is shocking that someone convicted of murder, assault, and now facing federal charges of Bank Robbery (18 USC 2113) and Using a Firearm During a Crime of Violence (18 USC 924) would go so far as to violate yet another Federal statute in order to commit a crime of violence.

This is why we have Good Guys With Guns. Good Guys such as Ruben Kendrick, the 60 year-old who, when confronted with the physical violence displayed by the perpetrator, acted in the defense of his fellow citizens and engaged him with gunfire, striking him three times and causing Mann to drop both the money and his gun, rendering him less of a threat and disabling him until the police finally arrived.

Until such time as our revolving-door criminal justice system actually rehabilitates violent criminals and/or stops releasing them back into society in such a state as they feel they have no choice but to re-offend, it is incumbent upon law-abiding Americans to ensure that they can protect themselves. Sometimes that's with a simple change in behavioral patterns or driving routes. Sometimes it's hand-to-hand self defense training.

Sometimes it's with a gun.

No matter which methods you choose to use. Get trained and be ready. You Are Your Own First Responder.

#violentfelon #reoffend #revolvingdoor

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