Two Wounded By Shotgun-Toting Texan

30 September 2015, San Antonio, Texas

A San Antonio man is resting after an overnight ordeal wherein he was forced to deal with some unwanted guests. Our Good Guy With a Gun awoke around 3:30 A.M. to find that two men had decided that they needed his stuff more than the homeowner and had decided to permanently borrow it without asking.

Our hero in this story awoke to these misunderstood victims of society in his home and, according to police, responded in self-defense. He struck one of the intruders in the head with his shotgun and then shot the other, causing them both to flee on foot.

The burglars then called family members to take them to the hospital and are now facing burglary charges. The homeowner flagged down officers who were already in the area checking out a report of a suspicious person and is facing no charges.

What can we learn from this incident?

1. According to the available reporting, the man awoke to the burglars already in the house. There is no mention of his dog barking or his alarm system going off. There’s also no talk of a broken window or other forced entry, yet. If you’ve taken any of our defensive courses, we say the same thing: “If at all possible, have a dog and/or an alarm system.”

While this isn’t always cost effective for some of our students, if you can, do so. Especially in a large city with the concomitant higher crime rate.

2. 9-1-1. It’s there for a reason. While permissible under Texas law (under certain circumstances), pursuing the bad guys is generally best left to the professionals. You’re leaving the safety of your “castle” and proceeding into the unknown. The reporting indicates that our hero flagged down the police, rather than calling them.

While it’s possible that he didn’t have a phone, it’s highly unlikely and, more likely, had chased the burglars outside. Do not do this.

3. Improvised weapons. While it is generally best to use a shotgun as a shotgun, when confronted with uninvited guests loitering around your house, intent on taking your stuff and quite probably doing harm to you and yours now that they’ve been found out, you are reduced to two viable options: Run or fight.

If you choose to run, sprint. Get to a safe place, preferably with your family, and hunker down until the cavalry arrives or your assailants go away.

If you choose to fight, commit. This guy hit them with, literally, everything he had and he kept his head about him. Again, under Texas Law, an intruder in your house is generally presumed to be there with the intent of harming you. He waited until one of these morons said he had a gun.

So he shot one.

4. You Are Your Own First Responder. When did the police get there? AFTER the incident. Not due to any reluctance on their part, or even cowardice. It was a simple question of time. Someone was IN this guy’s house. He had to decide whether to grab a phone (if he even had one) and call 9-1-1 or to actually do something about the gentlemen who were standing right there in front of him.

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