Home Invader Picks "Easy" Target, Shot By Elderly Victims

30 September 2015, Folkston, Georgia

Two elderly sisters living in a quiet, Georgia community are currently under investigation for homicide by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) after fighting off an intruder in their home Tuesday night.

The unnamed Good Gals With Guns were attacked late Tuesday night by Jonathan Shellman Green, 40. His reason for the attack is not known at this time, and may never be. After he assaulted the women, leaving the 75 year-old on the floor of her bedroom with a head injury, the younger sister shot him with a small caliber handgun.

The assailant made his way outside and collapsed on the ground, where he was found unresponsive when officers finally arrived to the rural location.

The GBI says that this appears to be a case of self-defense, but have referred it to the Charlton County DA to see if charges will be filed.

What can we learn from this incident?

1. Just because you defended yourself, you may still be charged.

2. You cannot count on the noise of the shooting to summon defenders. All the witnesses interviewed by the news said the same thing, “I didn’t hear ANYTHING.” Firing a gun inside a house is loud as hell…inside the house. Firing a gun inside a house can be pretty quiet…outside the house.

Don’t tell the BATFE (because we’ll all go to jail) but basically, your house functions as a gigantic suppressor/silencer/gun muffler. It allows the shockwave and noise of the gas expansion to dissipate while containing it within the walls. Everyone has been so conditioned by Hollywood to the idea that you’ll hear a gunshot for miles that they don’t realize the actual science in play with a small caliber handgun being fired in a large, enclosed volume of space.

3. Living out in the country means that You Are Your Own First Responder. Period. The incident was over before the police even had a chance to get there. Do you think that, just because you live in a large city that it will be any different?

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