When The Police Department is Closed for the Day, Who Ya Gonna Call?

30 September 2015, Catawba, North Carolina

Jordan Lyons is a lucky man with a hard head.

Mr. Lyons is remodeling his feed store across the street from the Catawba Police Department HQ and was sleeping there last night when three men knocked early this morning. When he opened the door, one of the men smashed a bottle over his head and another hit him with a cinder block.

Fortunately, Mr. Lyons is a Good Guy With A Gun and some idea of what to do when strangers knock on your door at unreasonable hours: Be Armed.

Mr. Lyons was able to shoot one of the individuals in the upper torso and the three invaders ran off. When police arrived half an hour later, due to Catawba PD being closed that evening, they followed the blood trail to a parking space across the street, by the Police Department, where it ended as the miscreants fled in the car they had parked there.

Strangely, around the time that the police arrived in Catawba, a man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound, claiming that he had been shot in the town of Newton. Needless to say, he may be a suspect in the crime.

Today’s lesson is are very simple ones. We already expect that you will be armed when an unknown person knocks at an ungodly hour. What we also expect, and what Mr. Lyons failed to do, is to keep the primary means of keeping people from entering your home, your doors, closed and locked.

Now, in many off these cases, we advise our clients to escape, if possible, or to hole up and let your attackers spend their time trying making entry until the police arrive. In this case, that would be up to half an hour later. While Mr. Lyons made the almost-fatal error of opening his door, he was able to fire his weapon twice, striking one of his assailants in the torso as well as striking his truck.

Luckily, Mr. Lyons’ assailants decided one gunshot wound was enough and left. But that does not mean that Mr. Lyons’ ordeal is anywhere close to over. The police have his gun and two other suspects are still on the loose. As we saw in the El Cerrito Shooting, where an 85 year-old was forced to shoot an intruder in the head, you still may have to deal with their friends and family. One hopes that Mr. Lyons has been suitably re-armed by a friend or neighbor for the event that someone wants to “talk” to him.

In the event that your local police department takes days off, remember, You Are MOST DEFINITELY Your Own First Responder.

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