Having a Gun Just Means That It Will Be Taken From You And Used Against You

03 October 2015, Melbourne, Florida

A common mythconception amongst the anti-gun crowd is that having a gun on you means that it will just be taken away from you and used against you during the commission of a violent crime. Normally, we put this down to psychological projection on the part of people who tremble at the thought of actually pulling the trigger and who presume that the only people who would feel otherwise are inhuman monsters who should be safely locked away from all of the “civilized” people.

Well, this time, they were correct.

According to the Melbourne, FL, Police Department, 24 year-old Michael Medina had his gun taken from him, was shot with it, and then held at gunpoint.

Mr. Medina, a fully-reformed former guest of the Florida Department of Corrections, had been released in April and was wandering around the streets of Melbourne around 1 A.M. last night when he was unable to resist the impulse to mask himself with a T-Shirt and attempt a robbery/home invasion on a pair of people standing in front of their own home.

Our Good Guys (who did not start out) with a Gun, were able to disarm our criminal, shooting him once in the process. They then detained Mr. Medina until the police finally arrived.

We are glad to hear that no innocents were injured and that Mr. Medina, whose previous convictions were Armed Burglary and Grand Theft of a Firearm, has the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and, possibly get the help he needs while he’s back in prison.

The lessons:

1. Violent criminals, studying under the tutelage of the “masters” in our prison system, have learned a few lessons on how not to get caught by the police when committing a crime: Don’t Do It Where The Cops Are. Make them have to come to you.

As a result of this, as stated above and in nigh every single post thus far, police are forced into a reactive role.

2. The “reformatory” aspect of our prison system is a joke. This individual had been released back into the wild only 6 months ago. He may very well have been desperate or he may have simply been plying his trade again. Regardless, desperation is no excuse for pulling a gun on someone. A lesson he obviously didn’t learn during his last stretch for an armed felony.

3. Situational Awareness is your friend. We at Interritus preach the gospel of looking around you and engaging with the world. However, how did this guy get close enough to the victims without being noticed? There’s nothing in the reporting about the victims knowing him and someone walking down the street at me with a T-Shirt over their head would cause me to think hard about letting that person get near me.

4. You Are Your Own First Responder. We will continue to promote this concept until we are blue in the face. These two residents weren’t out last night trolling for problems, they were outside enjoying an apparently-balmy Florida night on their own property, unarmed. Trouble came to them, and it came to them FAST.

When Old Man Trouble (in this case, Young Man Recidivist) decides that you’re the target, the same people projecting their fears and irrationalities onto armed self-defense proponents want you to calmly pull out your cell phone and wait for rescue. Otherwise, you MIGHT get hurt.

There is truth in that statement, you may indeed be hurt, you might even be killed. Strangely, doing nothing may also get you hurt or killed while prolonging the encounter.

No violent criminal wants resistance. From a tactical perspective, it’s a raid, not a siege. They want to get in, get what they came for, and get the hell out of there before police show up.

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