Snowball Fails to Melt in Hades, California Man Defends His Home And Isn't Arrested

03 September 2015, Reseda, California

A Reseda, California man is unharmed after finding an intruder in his house sometime after midnight.

This Good Guy With A Gun awoke to noises in his house and, after arming himself, found an unknown man in his house. The homeowner fired two shots at his uninvited guest, missing him, but driving him off.

Police established a cordon around the area, but were unable to locate the suspect, described only as a male wearing dark clothes.

Surprising nobody, KTLA5’s Erin Meyers asked the on-scene spokesman if the homeowner even had the right to fire upon the intruder.

Hell then froze over and NORAD reported possible airborne swine as LAPD Lieutenant Paul Chambers replied that, “In this situation, the victim feared for his safety. He has a right to protect himself anytime someone enters his residence.”

What are today’s lessons?

1. Occasionally, even Southern California police officials can support the right to armed self-defense. A rarity in a state that was a bastion of personal liberties until the 70’s.

2. As shown in a previous blog, you don’t have to kill someone to defend yourself with your gun. In this case, the homeowner fired and missed, but the intruder ran off.

3. Why did he miss? Maybe it was deliberate, an attempt to scare him off. Maybe he suffered from the same reluctance to take a life that some troops did in Vietnam; where you fire at an enemy but your subconscious ensures that you miss. Most likely, though, he didn’t train.

Training is hard. But training is required to overcome the fear response, to overcome the instant adrenaline dump that happens when you go straight from peaceful slumber to a potential gunfight. Training will help to ensure that your grip and trigger press, if needed, are as consistent as possible.

Violent encounters happen in an instant. You will not have time to get a good stance, you’ll be busy getting off the X. You will not have time to find your natural respiratory pause, you’ll be shouting “What the @#$!”

Think you’ll have good sight alignment/sight picture? Think again. You’ll most likely be focused on your assailant.

Proper training will ensure that every time you execute your draw, you have the SAME grip. Proper training will ensure that your consistent grip will lead to a consistently-straight trigger press, if it’s necessary. Proper training will ensure that you have good target discrimination and have not trained to pull your trigger every time you draw.

Even when You Are Your Own First Responder, you need to be able to differentiate between someone who is still a threat and who is no longer a threat. Shooting a non-threat is a great way to spend the rest of your life wearing an orange jumpsuit and living off of my tax dollars in a small 8x10 non-private apartment*.

The links:

*Unless you live in Great Britain. Then, even shooting an actual threat in self-defense can land you in prison. Knife Control NOW!

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