Getaway Stopped and Property Recovered, Maybe This Is Why We Qualify at 15 Yards

05 October 2015, Dallas, Texas

In an event billed by the civilian disarmament crowd as “rare”, an average citizen was again forced to take up arms to defend himself; this time, in Dallas, Texas.

News reports indicate that the Dallas Police showed up to a robbery call just after 11:30 A.M. where they found that three men had entered the victim’s home where one violently assaulted him, while two others loaded his property into a car driven by a fourth. As the robbers made their getaway, the victim was able to bring accurate fire to bear, shooting three of them and causing them to stop less than a mile away. Officers then took the wounded suspects into custody as the fourth fled on foot.

Given the dearth of details, we will also be sparse on our lessons learned, but there are still a few gems we can extract from this:

1. Home invasions are best executed when your victim lets you in. Rule one of living in or near large cities: If you’re not expecting company and someone knocks on the door, don’t open it until you verify their identity!

2. If you have not yet noticed, all of the incidents listed in these blogs have several things in common. One of them being the lack of police coverage in the area at the time the incident occurs. As has been stated, this is not their fault. Police coverage is concentrated in high-crime areas during the times that most crimes occurs. 11:30 A.M. is not exactly a hotbed of violent crime.

Burglaries? Yes. Vandalism? Yes. Car thefts? Oh yeah. Hard to imagine otherwise, really. Everyone is sitting in an office for 8 hours, leaving their home unoccupied and their car just sitting there in a parking lot. But most of the violent crime happens when most people are off of work and overindulging in their intoxicant of choice.

3. This is not our usual burglar-shot-coming-through-window event. This was more of an “immediate recovery of property after forcible dispossession” (Texas Penal Code 9.41) and “fleeing felon” (Texas Penal Code 9.42) sort of event. Regardless of this not being our usual fare, this is still another example of the kind of situation that, according to Mother Jones (and Occupy-a-hashtag and CSGV and Moms Demand Action AND Everytown for Gun Safety) doesn’t happen.

And if these events don’t happen, why do we need guns?

4. Because, regardless of how deep you bury your head in the sand, You Are Your Own First Responder and these things DO happen.

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