A King Defends His Castle

08 October 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada

Awaking to the sound of a window shattering, an unnamed Las Vegas Good Guy With A Gun survived what KTNV-13 describes as a home invasion burglary with no injuries to himself.

The resident, who declined to be on camera, says that he has owned a firearm for years and has never needed it until tonight.

Neighbors report that crime is increasing in their area, perhaps as criminals look for newer, less-wary targets than their old haunts.

Strangely, the news report does not mention what happened to our potentially perforated perpetrator.

What can we say about our unnamed responsible gun owner?

He has proven that sometimes you don’t have much of a choice but to Be Your Own First Responder.

When the bad people are outside your door, demanding you let them in or attempting to force entry, then you have time to run, time to take cover/concealment, time to call for help, time for many things.

When the bad person is already past your primary defenses (locked doors and windows), you have no time. The clock has hit zero and you are left with three options: Run, Surrender, or Fight.

In some situations, surrender may indeed be the best option. In others, running is the way to go. In this instance, he chose to fight. He looked his assailant square in the eye and then shot him.

Perhaps the assailant was desperate, on drugs, crazed in the need to feed his addiction or his family. Maybe he was known to the victim and had some kind of grievance. But we do not yet know WHY. We only know that he chose to force entry into a home during the night. By all the laws of civilized society (therefore we exclude NY, CA, IL, MD, MA, NJ, NH, WA, HI, and some of OR) that’s simply asking to have violence performed upon your person

The basis of Castle Doctrine is that your home is your castle and you have the absolute right to be free from criminal molestation therein and the right to use whatever force is necessary to repel unlawful invaders. Many states go further, recognizing that someone forcing their way into your home is presumed to have malicious intent to you and your family/guests.

We at Interritus believe that every citizen of our great land has the absolute right to defend themselves from harm and that they have a moral duty to defend their family and guests to the best of their ability.

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