Potential Mass Shooter Stopped and Sometimes the Media Can't Deal With That

11 October 2015, Raw Story.com, The Internet

Some people simply cannot say, “Good job stopping a potential mass shooting” and leave it at that.

In a continuation from yesterday’s pun-laced Waffle House story, RawStory.com’s David Ferguson felt compelled to ensure that we all know that nobody other than police can do good deeds with a firearm.

This time, yesterday’s Good Guy With A Gun (still unnamed) has been tarred with the epithet “vigiliante” in an hit piece which attempts to compare his deed to both poor police marksmanship and a Houston incident wherein a third-party witnessed a carjacking and attempted to intervene, but wound up shooting the victim and fleeing after picking up all of his spent brass.

(Our big question regarding the Houston incident: what “Good Guy” picks up his brass?)

Regardless, our actual Good Guy With A Gun was not a vigilante and certainly not on a par with the Houston shooter for key reasons, which we will detail here. (Mr. Ferguson, please take note so that you, too, can learn to separate fact from libel.)

1. Defending yourself and those around you when a violent criminal starts pointing a gun at people in a place you have every right to be is not called “Vigilantism”, it’s called “Self-Defense” or “Defense of a Third Party” (if the robber somehow never pointed his weapon at our shooter).

2. “Vigilantism” is going out and LOOKING for criminals. Think along the lines of New York’s real-life vigilantes “The Guardian Angels”, Seattle’s Phoenix Jones and the “Rain City Superheroes”, as well as Gotham’s fictional “Batman”.

“Self-Defense” is going about your day, minding your own business, until a criminal or other lethal threat comes to you. Think more along the lines of, well, EVERYONE listed in the stories on this blog.

The difference between the two may appear small to an organization which makes no bones about being tipped so far to the left that it makes Piers Morgan look like Rush Limbaugh, but to do so and still call this article “journalism” stretches the truth.

3. This unnamed hero did what was right, did it correctly and, when the police finally arrived, they only needed one ambulance and that was for the person who caused the problem in the first place, instead of the cashier, the cooks, and the other patrons. Our shooter didn’t go looking for trouble, trouble found him. But I’m sure that your words will comfort him as he goes through the years of therapy he’ll need after being forced to take a life in order to stop a potential mass shooting.

4. Students, clients, friends, be forewarned. This is subtle attack may happen to you if you are forced to Be Your Own First Responder. Be ready for it, but do not let that stop you from defending yourself and those around you. We’d rather see a Progressive hack bury you under a mountain of invective and implication in a vain attempt to discredit your good deed than see you buried for real.

You can always sue the hack if they cross the line into libel, you can't sue Death for anything.


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