Mass-Shooting, Redefined

12 October 2015, San Antonio, Texas

As of today, we have decided that this blog will use the new, progressive definition of mass shootings.

Prior to the recent surge in reporting on violence in America, most news outlets used a definition similar to Mass Shooting: A single shooting event in which four or more persons were killed.

Nowadays, in an effort to beef up flagging numbers, some major news outlets and web-based “news” outlets have switched to the a definition similar to the following: An event or series of events by the same person or group of persons in which more than one person was shot.

While this is definitely a way for these “progressive” news outlets to inject more fear into the narrative, we here at Interritus intend to provide somewhat of a counterpoint by showing that this definition works in reverse, too.

We will now use Potential Mass Shooting: Any event in which a violent criminal or criminals used or attempted to use a firearm capable of firing more than one shot without manual reloading in the commission of their crime.

If a violent criminal or criminals had the potential to shoot more than one person, it is only logical that they were potentially mass shooters. That they did not do so due to their lack of desire to do so, ineptitude, or because someone stopped them is irrelevant to the definition.

Likewise, we will be re-defining School Shooting as Any shooting incident that took place anywhere remotely close to any grounds pertaining to any educational institution, without regard to the time of day or the presence of students/faculty.

We are making these changes to keep pace with a modern society which demands the most precise accuracy in it's news and reporting without regard to political correctness.

Our reporting tone will reflect this change immediately. Now, in addition to a nigh-daily story of someone making a positive use of their firearm, you can now point to us as a source for a number of mass-shootings or school-shootings stopped.

We promise that we'll be at LEAST as a accurate in this as Shootingtracker, MotherJones, or any occupied hashtags which routinely appear on the news and/or Facebook.


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