Potential Mass Shooting (and Robbery) Stopped In Trinidad

08 October 2015, Barataria, Trinidad

Trinidad’s Guardian and Daily Express news outlets are reporting the death of Brian Simmons, 43, during a robbery/potential mass shooting.

According to police reports, Mr. Simmons attempted to rob the cashier of the Nick City Supermarket menacing the cashier and patrons with his loaded 9mm handgun. However, the commotion was noticed by the store’s owner, who confronted Mr. Simmons, shooting him in the process.

The surprised bandit attempted to escape, collapsing a few yards outside the door, where he expired.

What can we learn from this?

1. Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action. Our Good Guy With A Gun, knowing what happened just a few months ago to another Trinidad grocer, did not hesitate and used enough force to repel the invader with no casualties inflicted.

This is a central theme in many successful self-defense scenarios. Once you have decided to act, do so quickly and violently.

Many (but by no means all) armed assailants have a script in their head about how their violent assault is going to go. They expect to come in, scare everyone into immobility, take what they want, and leave. Your rapid, surprising, and violent action interrupts that script and causes them to have to adjust to your assault upon them. Something that they may not have planned for.

Done correctly, you now have control of the situation and can act accordingly.

2. Casualties. There is no guarantee that resisting will stop a determined attacker. There is no guarantee that you will survive the encounter. You, and only you, can decide how much risk to accept in the defense of yourself, your property, and your employees/family.

That said, see point one about speed, surprise, and violence of action. When you have decided that You Are Your Own First Responder, form your plan and get going.

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