Kansas City "Police" Assault Repelled by Homeowner (or What Did We Tell You About Opening

Early October 2015, Kansas City, Missouri

A knock at the door late at night. A stern voice announces, “Kansas City Police Department”

You open the door to the muzzle of a gun in your face and slam the door closed before the man can push his way in.


Kicks rattle the door and a window breaks as men in body armor and badges continue to break down your door and try to climb in through a window.

Just another SWAT raid in a big city? Guess again.

A small group of men in Kansas City, MO are using the trappings and tactics of a raid to disguise a potential mass shooting/home invasion. They have struck four times so far.

What does this have to do with firearms or training? Well, this last time, these "police" (fauxlice?) decided to try to rob family man, bar owner, and Good Guy With A Gun Firas Haha.

Mr. Haha saw the gun, slammed the door shut, secured his family, and prepared to meet a potentially lethal assault on his home and family with appropriate force.

As a gunman broke the window, Mr. Haha opened fire but struck nobody. His assailant returned fire, also missing but, more importantly, fleeing in the face of armed resistance.

Kansas City police have stated that there is a small group of Caucasian men in their mid-20’s, with brown hair, working alone and groups as large as three, carrying guns and wearing body armor, badges, and “Sheriff” shirts attempting to execute home invasions. One victim has even reported a vehicle with flashing red lights.

What does this mean to a lawfully armed, law-abiding citizen? Several things.

1. You will need to do a better job of identifying legitimate law enforcement officials who are operating in your area. Go out and talk to the police and sheriff. Get a good look at the varying uniforms they wear.

2. These guys depend on your ingrained respect for the people who go out there and risk their butts on your behalf. Getting to know the officers working your area can help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

3. Watch more COPS© on Fox or Cloo. We’re not paid to shill for them (though we’d love it if they would) but it can’t be beat to get a very general sense of overall police protocols around the nation. After a while, they will become almost boringly monotonous in the fact that the officers, regardless of location, will respond as if they are all working out of the same basic play book.

They are.

4. Short of a SWATting or a wrong-house raid, your average, law abiding citizen will never deal with this kind of an event. In hindsight, it’s easy to armchair quarterback this and say that Mr. Haha should never have opened his door. He had his family at home and (as far as we here know) had given the police no probable cause to even come to his home, much less attempt to force entry.

But that’s what needs to go through your head the two to five seconds you have at your disposal.

Provided that you’re not the victim of extraordinary bad police intelligence, or the target of internet pranksters trying to get you killed by police while they watch on your Kinect, HAVE you given the police any cause to come to you or start breaking down your door? If not, then you need to start thinking about fleeing or defense.

A word of warning, though. If you get this wrong and police really are trying to come in, and you shoot at them, then you are going to be in for a whole new definition of pain (if not death) as the officers try to neutralize the active shooter.

There is no “happy” ending to this, just differing levels of suck.

5. So, how do you (as Your Own First Responder) deal with this? Personally, in the event of a calm, “please open the door” scenario, we intend to phone 9-1-1 and ask dispatch if they have units at our house. If so, who? Once verified, the door is opened and the situation handled as needed.

The real worry, for us, comes with an attempt at a SWAT-style raid. There is really no good way to deal with that one, short of ensuring that your doors can handle multiple impacts to allow you time to verify they’re real cops, take defensive action, or flee.

Good luck. No amount of training can cover every potential scenario and this is one of the worst. We hope that we have given you some points to think about as you and yours formulate your own protocols.

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