Mass Shooting Reported in Houston, Texas

09 October 2015, Houston, Texas

Houston News Outlets KPRC and KTRK reported a mass shooting today.

An unnamed man was walking along Cypress Station Drive in Houston around midnight when he was assailed by armed men intent on robbing him.

Unbeknownst to the would-be robbers, but knownst to us, our Good Guy With A Gun was indeed carrying a licensed concealed handgun. The two robbers fled and were later found by police alongside a road.

The news outlets are reporting that the victim defended himself; killing one man and sending another to the hospital.

The condition of the surviving assailant is unknown at this time, but we believe that police are awaiting his recovery with bated breath, a pair of handcuffs, and a Criminal Homicide charge.

The victim was unharmed and in a rare event for a big city, has not been charged with anything.

What can we, the peaceably armed and law-abiding, learn from this?

1. We can observe, once again, that the national media only reports a mass shooting (new definition) when it fits a preconceived agenda. According to news outlets, the sole victim was minding his own business as he walked down the road late at night. He then used his handgun to save his own life when threatened with lethal force and multiple assailants.

It is an article of faith amongst those who would disarm us that no civilian would ever A) Encounter this type of situation, or B) be of sufficient skill at arms to successfully repel the assault without causing harm or loss of life to bystanders.

If we take this belief on (pardon the pun) faith, it must be a minor miracle that this blog has catalogued 24 cases of successful armed self-defense in 26 days.

2. We can also observe that, although this man was apparently doing nothing wrong, we have repeatedly held that nothing really good happens after midnight in most cases. In his case, he was probably out for a stroll. There are many night-shift workers who simply stay on nights instead of forcing their bodies to shift their circadian rhythms back and forth.

The problem is, there are also more criminal-types out on the streets at night, necessitating an increase in YOUR vigilance.

We are not saying that you should not go out at night. Quite the contrary. Night time in Texas is a very nice time to be out. That blazing sun isn’t overhead and the air starts to cool down to a reasonable 100.

But you need to keep a sharper eye out.

3. When out and about in a sketchy part of town (otherwise known as the entirety of the City of Houston), use the buddy system whenever possible.

In the case of this individual, he was walking, apparently alone, late at night, and was targeted by armed criminals who assumed that their numbers and shotgun were sufficient advantage.

They were wrong. Our unnamed individual assessed the situation and determined that being His Own First Responder was the best option. He engaged the threats, driving them both off while receiving no wounds himself.

4. Get trained.

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