Breaking and Entering Gets You Broken

14 October 2015, St. Louis, Missouri

Burglary is never a good idea. Most burglars are not Danny Ocean and crew. Most burglars are criminals of opportunity or desperation looking for resale items to fund their habits or feed their families.

This is not to justify their actions, but to provide some context about why someone would risk their life to force their way into a home. There is NO excuse for burglary and this burglar, according to the victim’s neighbors, got exactly what was coming to him.

Police say that he set off the burglar alarm while breaking into the garage portion of the home and he was confronted by our Good Gal With A Gun, 65, and her son, 19. They ordered the intruder to depart, but instead of leaving, he turned and started towards the homeowner, causing her to fire a round into his leg.

After the first shot was fired, the19 year-old son engaged the intruder hand-to-hand and, after a moment, the mother shot the assailant again, striking him in the other leg.

The two gunshot wounds and the beating from the son finally caused the intruder to flee to another person’s yard, where he was arrested by responding officers.

Neither the homeowner, nor her son will be charged.


1. Crime doesn’t pay.

2. When your alarm goes off, be ready, be careful, and be safe. If there’s no real reason for you to go investigate the cause of the alarm yourself, wait until the police arrive and let them do it. It’s what you pay your taxes and alarm permit fees for.

3. This woman handled her violent confrontation correctly. She found the intruder, ordered him to leave, and didn’t start shooting until he became an apparent threat. She showed restraint and coolness under pressure. She was Her Own First Responder and handled it well.

Her son? Not so much. When our mom has an assailant at gunpoint, throwing yourself onto the intruder is a very good way to get shot by your own mom. Stay out of the line of fire!

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