Wife-Beating "Husband" Shot Twice

07 October 2015, Ensley, Alabama

“A gun in a domestic violence situation is more likely to kill a woman than defend her.”

Sometimes true, but not this time.

According to the Birmingham Police, an unarmed woman in Ensley, AL, had been repeatedly attacked by her husband, Tony Jackson, during the afternoon of the 7th, but finally managed to escape around 4 P.M.; driving away and taking shelter with a local Good Guy With A Gun.

Jackson, having stalked his wife through the neighborhood, found them. Picking a brick up off of the ground, Jackson advanced on his wife and the neighbor.

The neighbor asked him to leave the premises. Jackson refused and continued to advance. Whereupon the armed neighbor shot him in the arm.

Undeterred by this merciful warning from fate and stress-induced poor marksmanship, Jackson resumed his advance.

The neighbor shot him again, this time in the stomach. Mr. Jackson wisely decided that discretion was the better part of domestic violence and departed. His wounds finally dropped him on the grounds of a middle school, where police found him and transported him to the hospital in critical condition.

Mr. Jackson will be charged with Domestic Violence and Strangulation.

The Homeowner has not been charged.

And what is our daily lesson here, folks?

1. Keep your head. While this is difficult, it is not impossible. But when faced with the repeated assaults from her husband, our unnamed, unarmed victim was most concerned with actually getting away from the violent situation. This is a perfectly acceptable stress reaction and she did well to get away.

Her unnamed, armed defender also kept his head during the confrontation. At least, as far as we know he did.

2. But did either of them call the police? Being rural-ish, a police response usually takes a minute or five. Nonetheless, you need to get that 9-1-1 call made as soon as possible. Get help scrambled to your location, so that even if you are still having to Be Your Own First Responder, the secondary responders (police, fire, EMS) are already on their way and not just being dispatched at the end of the incident.

3. If they're abusing you, they're no longer entitled to the term "Husband" or "Wife".

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