Breaking and Entering, Never A Good Decision

18 October 215, Meridian, Mississippi

Ah, autumn in the south. When temperatures and humidity start to drop back to reasonable levels. And criminals start coming out earlier to take advantage of the natural light and the fact that you’re probably out for the day enjoying the weather.

Things didn’t quite turn out as expected for an unidentified man who decided that 3 in the afternoon was a good time to try to break into someone’s back door.

According to police, the homeowner was home and went to investigate the noise. Upon finding someone in her home that she didn’t know, the Good Gal With A Gun shot him.

The unidentified intruder was able to make it out the front door, where he collapsed on the sidewalk and was pronounced dead about an hour later, when the coroner arrived.

He remains unidentified.

So, what went wrong and what went right?

1. Obviously, the intruder’s plan of attack went seriously awry. As we’ve stated in the past, criminals are starting to realize that the risk of armed resistance is lower when you break in during the hours when the majority of people are at work.

2. Provided that she recognized it as a break-in, the homeowner’s initial reaction was…suboptimal. On a different floor from the intruder (and given that there are no items downstairs worth initiating contact over) a generally sound tactic is to call 9-1-1, warn the intruder that you’re in the house and armed, and hunker down in a safer position, like a locked bedroom door.

Going hunting through your house is not a great idea when dealing with an unknown, possibly armed, assailant. Yes, you have a gun, but it’s better to get into a position with a good field of fire and wait for them to either flee or come to you.

3. That said, good shot! She found an intruder and engaged him with accurate fire, driving him off and, unfortunately, killing him in the process. When You Are Your Own First Responder, making accurate decisions under extreme duress is essential.

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