It's A Dangerous Business, Terrance, Going Out Your Door

20 October 2015, Toledo, Ohio

According to many in the Gun Control camp, it is an improbability of mythic proportions that A Good Guy With A Gun could ever stop a bad guy with a gun. It will only be taken from you and used against you.

(Strangely, this improbability has been reported in the news over 30 times just since we started this blog.)

At 4:15 this morning, that myth happened again. This time in Toledo, Ohio, where Terrance Reid a Good Guy With both A Gun and a license to carry concealed shot a man who attempted to rob him outside his home.

Shortly thereafter, Antonio Hadley, 40, arrived at the hospital suffering from a gunshot wound.

Information is sketchy at this point, so all we have to go on is that someone attempted to rob a licensed concealed carrier and was shot in the process.

Tactical lessons are few on a story like this, but let’s try some and see if they fit:

1. Many people are leaving earlier and earlier for longer and longer shifts at work. 4:15 A.M. is no longer unreasonable as a time to be outside when you have to get to the gym, get showered, and get through traffic to get to work by 7:30 to open up at 8.

We’re not saying that this is what Mr. Reid was up to this morning, but it’s plausible reason for many of us to be outside.

What this means is that you absolutely have to be aware of your surroundings.

2. Be Ready. Just because it’s Zero-Dark-Thirty doesn’t mean you’re the only one up and about your business. The person mugging you won’t care that you haven’t had your coffee yet. Won’t care that you can’t really start thinking until you’ve had your Danish at the office. Hell, they’re depending on that.

You don’t get a do-over in this. So re-read lesson 1 and remember that You Are Your Own First Responder.

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