Mass Shooting in Detroit Hospitalizes Two Children

19 October 2015, Detroit, Michigan

Two children are in the hospital tonight after they were shot by a gunman wielding a handgun in a mass shooting.

That’s awful. It’s sad that, according to their statement on admission to the hospital, two children can be walking along a street, minding their own business, only to be mugged and shot.

What if we channel Billy Mays here? “But Wait! There’s More!

According to police, what actually happened is that our two “children” (ages 16 and 17), acting in concert with a 19 year-old adult, decided that it would be easier to prey upon some poor working stiff with a job than get one themselves.

The “children” and the adult walked up to their prey, pulled a gun on him, and threatened to kill him if he made a move. They then reached into his pocket and pulled out his money. Upon seeing the massive $200 haul, the “children” became distracted and were then further surprised with the knowledge of what else their mark was carrying.

Our 23 Year-Old Good Guy With A Gun and a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) first shot the two “children” and the 19 year-old took off, leaving the “children” to fend for themselves.

Currently, the 16 year-old is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. The 17 year-old is stable with a leg wound. They have allegedly confessed to this crime, as well as a few others, and have been linked via their Facebook page to even more.

The 19 year-old is still on the loose.

As an aside, many of the details of this incident come from the victim’s brother, another CPL holder, who is using a pseudonym for fear of reprisals.

Lessons learned? A few. Nothing you haven’t heard from us before.

1. Situational Awareness Is Our Friend. Let us say that again, louder, SITUATIONAL AWARENESS IS OUR FRIEND.

That mugger looking for a target doesn’t care how tired you are. The home invader doesn’t care that you’re sleeping. In fact, they WANT you that way. The less alert you are, the less you engage with your surroundings, the easier you are to approach.

A solitary man at night, waiting at a bus stop, is a prime target for a group of “associates” who think that force of arms and strength of numbers is sufficient to carry the armed robbery in their favor and they’re usually right.

Thankfully, not this time.

2. After coping with being behind the power curve, our newly-minted CPL holder used his assailants’ distraction to his advantage, felling two before the third ran off.

Sometimes you have to wait. If someone’s gotten inside your guard and “gotten the drop on you” then it’s sometimes your only option.

3. “Children”

Children are only children so long as they behave like children. As we have seen over and over again, a “Child” is just as capable of stabbing you in the neck as anyone else.

Threatening someone’s life is not a child’s game and these “children” paid the adult price. One of them might even die.

Is this right? No.

Is this fair to them? No.

But is this the fault of the man who, in fear for his life, pulled the trigger? Not on your life.

The causes of crime are legion, and in a city gone to seed like Detroit, we could not even begin to tackle them here. But one cannot help but wonder where their lives took such a wrong turning.

4. Reprisals are a fact of life. In a city like Detroit, wherein the dystopian future of “Robocop” looks depressingly realistic, gangs run large portions of the town.

Many families refuse to see their relative’s faults. Many gangs treat it as a sign of disrespect, to be punished mercilessly lest the gang lose control. In either of their eyes, this shooting was your fault. For an example, click here.

Our point is that just because the shooting has stopped, the police have cleared the crime scene, and you’ve been released from custody, it doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear.

You need to assess your personal security situation and, if necessary and possible, leave for a while. Be aware that there may indeed be someone out there who’s upset enough or angry enough to hurt you.

It’s not a guarantee that you'll be assailed again, but be aware that the possibility exists and As Your Own First Responder, be ready to act.

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