Mass Shooting Foiled By Armed Hoosier

19 October 2015, Fort Wayne, Indiana

If we follow the logic of the majority of anti-2nd Amendment groups (VPC, CSGV, Everytown, Moms, etc...), the three innocents in this story should have been required to submit to a violent death during this mass-shooting, rather than possess the means to defend themselves.

Around dawn today, police were summoned to an apartment block. Apparently, two armed men decided to help themselves to the contents of an apartment and thought that the best way to do so would be a high-intensity, raid-style robbery.

The occupants (apparently awake but perhaps not yet caffeinated) initially retreated but the raiders were having none of that and fired a blast from their shotgun through a barricaded door, narrowly missing the defenders, and continued to try to force the barricaded door open.

One of our defenders, an unnamed Good Guy With A Gun, opened fire and struck one of the two men with multiple shots, causing him to drop the shotgun and leaving him in critical condition.

The other male, described only as Caucasian, is still on the loose despite tracking attempts.

What can we learn from this, boys and girls?

1. Be Ready. You don’t have to be Mr. Paranoid, always looking out for a threat, but you need to train often enough and hard enough to ensure that you take as little time as possible to react to a threat. In this case, a home invasion.

Unless our protagonists left the door open, the perps had to force the door. This is not an easy thing to do and, contrary to Hollywood, is not always done in one kick. This means that our defenders had ample time to draw and fire unless their nearest firearm was in the room to which they fled.

2. Mass Shootings Don’t Just Happen In Schools. These attackers meant business and they meant to do harm. By firing their (probably illegally obtained/possessed) shotgun through the barricaded interior door and then forcing entry, they demonstrated a determination to injure or kill the occupants, regardless of the loot obtained from the robbery.

3. Home Carry. Unless you’re a nudist or spend most of your time in your underwear, you have the capability to rock out with your Glock out in your own home. Even California and New York City let you do that.

If you’ve got no way to tote your pistol on your person from one room to the next, perhaps multiple arms, stationed in the places you spend the most time. If you can’t afford that or have issues such as children, then please contact us for a low-cost consultation on a home defensive protocol that will work for you.

4. You’re going to hear this from us a LOT: YOU. ARE. YOUR. OWN. FIRST RESPONDER. We cannot stress this enough. Regardless of what the politicians promise, the police will get to you as soon as possible but they have no actual responsibility to protect you and almost no liability if they don’t get there in time.

In ALL cases, the first person to arrive at the scene of your incident is YOU. If YOU are capable of handling at least some of the incident yourself, WHY WOULDN”T YOU?

5. Seriously. Businesses and governments don’t go through the expense and hassle of teaching their employees basic first aid and other basic lifesaving skills (fire extinguisher, CPR, AED) just to check some box. You are taught those skills so that, in the event of a crisis, you can use them to help yourself or those around you.

Your self-defense skills should be treated no less lightly. You bought a gun? Great! Now get trained on how to use it better so that you can defend yourself and those you love.

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