OODA Loops Are Not A Cereal

25 October 2015, Jacksonville, Florida

A Jacksonville Domino’s delivery driver stands in jeopardy of losing his job this week after defending himself from two armed robbers.

According to statements from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the driver was approaching the building to make the delivery when he was accosted by two men, one wielding a shotgun, and was instructed to hand over the pizzas to the second assailant and then to turn out his pockets.

Our quick thinking Good Guy With A Gun, knowing that action can sometimes beat reaction, instead grabbed the shotgun and pushed it away while drawing his concealed firearm and shooting the armed robber, leaving him in serious condition.

The second criminal’s whereabouts are not known, nor is the condition of the pizzas. We can presume that they were taken by the second man and eaten.

We can actually learn a lot from this man about the psychology and timing of a robbery such as this.

1. Action Beats Reaction. It takes time for the brain to process what is happening. This is called the OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act). By taking a rapid, unexpected action, our protagonist was able to take control of the situation and change the outcome.

2. Childhood training is hard to shake off. While our armed assailant was “handling” the situation, #2 was standing there holding the pizza. Could have helped his “buddy”? perhaps. But he would have had to drop the food on the ground and you just don’t do that.

Windows are another weird item. In an emergency, sometimes people will hesitate to break a window to escape a fire or other calamity.

3. You Are Your Own First Responder. Short of a police state, there is no way that the authorities would be able to respond in time to save this man had he followed the advice of some other groups and simply cooperated.

While it’s a valid strategy, it’s also leaving all of the cards in your attacker’s hands. You are trusting that he will have the common decency to leave you alive. Unless he wants no witnesses; then you’re dead.

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