Old People Do Not Tolerate Shenanigans

30 October 2015, Decatur, Illinois

An 82-year-old Good Gal With A Gun was forced to Be Her Own First Responder when an unknown man came up to her home and started knocking around 7:40 a.m.

Not knowing the individual, the woman did not answer the door and instead called the police to request they come check it out. She then armed herself with her .38 and awaited the arrival of Law Enforcement.

Sadly, Decatur’s finest did not get there in time. The man, perhaps wearied by his incessant knocking, decided to let himself in and kicked down the back door.

Where he met an armed, angry octogenarian who opened fire. Striking a window, she missed the perpetrator, but did drive him off.

The police arrived soon thereafter and eventually got around to bringing in a tracking dog, but to no avail.

So, what did our beloved grandmother do right?

She did not open the door. This was correct. If you do not know the person knocking at your door, why are you opening it?

She called the police. That was right because she had the luxury of time to do so before arming herself.

She armed herself. Knowing that the police response was just minutes away, she made sure that she had her own force multiplier handy.

Now, aside from missing her target, what did grandmamma do wrong?

She did not answer the door. While not opening the door is a good thing, we generally recommend that our readers let them know that there’ someone home. The gentle knocking at the front door of a suburban home, during the morning rush hour, is a common probe by potential thieves looking for an empty house.

By not letting the thief know that someone was in residence, they gave the impression of an empty house and that’s when the man went around to the back and forced entry.

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