The Lord May Be A Shepherd, But The Sheep Need Their Own Teeth

18 October 2015, Detroit, Michigan

Keon Allison, 35, is a local pastor is in limbo after shooting a member of his congregation.

Deante Smith, 25 years old and the congregant in question, was a semi-pro football player operating under the impression that the pastor had impregnated Smith’s estranged wife.

With this thought in mind and posted to his Facebook wall, Smith repaired to the vestibule of Pastor Allison’s church where he attempted to assault him with a brick and, possibly, a hammer. Pastor Allison responded to this sudden aggression with appropriate force, to wit: he pulled out a Glock and shot Smith multiple times, killing him.

What can we take from this tale? Not too much, but we can take some generalities:

1. Situational Awareness (SA). Barring a complete psychotic break, a man in a state of agitation as described in Smith’s Facebook posts has difficulty concealing his anxiety. Pastor Allison, as Smith’s mentor, presumably watched Smith’s Facebook posts. Did he not notice the tone? Or perhaps that he’d been unfriended?

Either way, presuming that Smith was visibly agitated, how did he get so close to Allison without people noticing his mental state?

Of course, if Smith was indeed able to maintain his composure, then no amount of SA is going to save you and you had best hope to be faster on the draw than the professional athlete is on the swing.

2. Be polite. While we hate to endorse such patriarchal ideas, some people out there consider their wives (estranged or not) to be their property and sleeping with them is one of the gravest insults you can perform; on a par with drawing a picture of Mohammed in rural Afghanistan or telling Elie Wiesel that you think Hitler had some pretty good ideas.

Consequently, having just questioned their manhood and their implied inability to control their “property”, perhaps keeping an eye out for them would be wise until the matter can be settled.

3. The Lord may be your shepherd, but when the sheep have teeth, the wolves have a harder time of it. Pastor Allison was his Own First Responder. It will be a right shame if he’s charged for defending himself.

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