Again With The Elderly?! Do. Not. MESS. With. Them!

23 October 2015, Hebbardsville, Kentucky

36 year-old Freddy Gibson had a major beef with his acquaintance, 69 year-old Henry Butler. Mr. Gibson drove over to Mr. Butler’s home and, according to officials, attempted to enter Mr. Butler’s residence.

Mr. Butler then shot him with what the Kentucky State police says was a 20-gauge shotgun.

According to witnesses interviewed by NBC14 News, at least one neighbor overheard Mr. Gibson claiming that Mr. Butler owed him money. And then the shooting started.

Tactically, there’s not a whole lot to say about this. Mr. Butler had enough time during the initial entry to arm himself and then, Being His Own First Responder, shot Mr. Gibson. Mr. Gibson made his escape and crashed his truck about a half-mile away.

The interesting parts of this come from people claiming to be Gibson’s mother or family members. An individual claiming to be Robin McCoy Gibson had this to say [cut-and-pasted directly from comments section of an article]:

Today is our son's birthday. We are so grateful for your prayers and support. Without that our family would probably have lost a valuable member of our family. He is doing so much better. To those of you who were there on Friday night, he almost died. No drama, he almost died. He is up talking, walking, and wants to come home. He is glad to be alive. To add to what I told you the other day, this is what he told us. He pulled into his driveway and went to discuss with this man the concerns he was voicing. He knocked twice and saw the shotgun come out the door, he ran, and was shot in the back. He got in his truck and doesn't remember wrecking it. He missed going down a very deep drop off by a tree. Harold Hazelwood heard him crying for help and he went to help. To the media who consistently get this information wrong...NO...HE DID NOT TRY TO GET INTO THIS MAN'S HOME. THAT IS WHAT AN INTRUDER OR A HOME INVASION IS. There are witnesses to what happened and they have all given them accurate information. The man who made this call was the person who shot him and it is in his best interest to call him an intruder. Whether it is the newspaper, or the TV stations, you should interview the witnesses and get your information correct. This misinformation could ruin his future. I have learned that no matter if you are innocent, you are guilty until the media says differently. I am asking reporters out there to DO YOUR JOB. As for law enforcement, if you let this slide, I will be a constant visitor to your offices. You will know me well. No, both of these men were not wrong...the shooter was. Period. If this is allowed to go without the consequences attached, there will be a next time and it could be you or your family. There is someone who has been a victim of this man pointing a gun at his son...please, please, please go to the Kentucky State Police and let them know. Most sincerely...Robin McCoy Gibson"

Followed by an individual named Bear Gibson, stating:

"oh there WILL be charges filed"

A “Bear Gibson” located in “Nunyabiznazz at That’s my business” also felt compelled to post, on a different article:

It was a .44 not a shotgun

The reason we bring these comments (dated from the day after the shooting) into our consideration is to illustrate the murkiness that follows whenever you engage in self-defense.

What we now have is yet another tale of “The Authorities are covering it up and the media are conspirators in it.” Which may be true. However, we generally find that we can (more-or-less) trust local media to lay down the known facts and editorialize separately. It’s the national level outlets that do their level best to suppress or distort whatever’s happening.

Again, not all the time. And there have DEFINITELY been cases in the past where local media, state-level authorities, and others have all been corrupted. But we would like to see something more in the way of hard evidence.

Because, as it stands right now, “Robin Gibson” seems to be missing some fact or perhaps blinded by parental preference. Robin's version has the elderly Mr. Butler’s shotgun coming out of the door and shooting her beloved 39 year-old son in the back.

Video of the scene shows State Police investigators looking at a shattered glass door, though we cannot see how much glass is scattered about in which locations.

Further, there is an implication here that Mr. Butler was in the wrong because Mr. Gibson was “unarmed”. Allow us to disabuse you of that notion. If we are pushing 70, then we believe that the mere age and physical condition disparity (commonly called Disparity of Force) may very well be sufficient to warrant picking up a weapon and defending ourselves with lethal force.

There is also “Bear’s” contradiction that Mr. Gibson was shot with a .44, not a 20-gauge.

All of this is a long, roundabout way of saying that anger, if such it was, leads to very bad things. If you have an issue, you need to work it out with them, not go (allegedly) breaking through someone’s front door. If they refuse to speak to you, sue them. Yeah, it sucks and it’s not the “manly” thing to do.

But neither is breaking down a septuagenarian’s door.

If it’s worth the time to go and have the argument, it’s worth the expense of hiring the lawyer or filing in small-claims court. It’s not worth getting shot.

As for Mr. Butler's tactics, really, all we can add is: Home Carry, sir. Especially with the rest of the clan gunning for you.

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