Scarier Than Any Haunted House

22 October 2015, Portland, Oregon

Entering through an unlocked door, a shadow flits through a darkened home. Flitting from room to room, the entity selects his targets. A few minutes later, the shadow looked down on the sleeping couple as moonlight glints off of a knife.

The silhouette disrobes. Peeling back the covers, he slides in with the unconscious pair and gently straddles the man. He kisses him.

Then all hell breaks loose as the man awakes, pushes the intruder off of him, and grabs his bedside pistol, causing Richard Dean Defeudis ( a repeat offender with convictions throughout the Northwest) to flee.

The victim ordered him to drop the knife. Mr. Defuedis refused and the victim fired one shot, followed by two more

Though the shots missed the intruder, our Good Guy With A Gun managed to send Defeudis fleeing to a vacant home nearby.

After the police arrived, they tracked him there and have charged him with burglary, sexual abuse, and unlawful use of a weapon.

The victims were unharmed and the shooter will not be charged with any crimes related to his self-defense.

Bully for the resident. Armed as he was, and dealing with an armed assailant who was (quite literally) already on top of him, he was required to Be His Own First Responder. As the details of this story are scarce, we are left with more questions than answers when it comes to the victim’s defensive posture.

Was not locking his door a simple oversight or is it a common practice for them?

How did the victims not hear him, their alarm, or their dog? (It’s Portland. EVERYBODY owns a dog.)

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