Florida Man Shot By Concealed Weapons Permit Holder

26 October 2015, Pine Hills, Florida

Tyrell Owens was on his into his apartment. Having gotten off of work, all he wanted was a beer and some down time in his apartment

Instead, he got a pistol pointed at his head and an order to “Give it up”. Unfortunately for one Mr. Wilmar Jolteus, the pistolero in question, he was forced to follow up his demand with an exclamation of, “OH, [expletive]! He has a gun, too!”

Mr. Jolteus, a convicted felon with 11 prior arrests just in Florida, decided to pull his trigger and kill his would-be victim. Instead, he missed and received multiple gunshot wounds to his left leg and buttocks as he fled to a white Mercedes SUV waiting for him in the parking lot, from which he was unceremoniously dumped outside the Orlando Regional Medical Center ER a few hours later.

Mr. Owens, our Good Guy With A Gun, was not only unharmed, his version of events was backed by witnesses and his coolness under fire was praised in the police report:

“Jolteus discharged a firearm at Victim Owens in an attempt to cause his death. Owens' death was prevented only by his superior tactical positioning and return fire. ... Owens, in fear for his life, sought cover behind the wall. The suspect fired at least two rounds at Owens and Owens drew his concealed handgun and returned fire.”

Given the limited details, it is difficult to see how Mr. Owens can have improved upon surviving unharmed, other than to perhaps look a little more closely at the area you’re moving through. He Was His Own First Responder in a situation which allowed no time to summon the police or other aid.

The Florida Prison System, however, could probably benefit from reconsidering which violent recidivists it releases back into polite society before they’ve been rehabilitated.

Mr. Jolteus, obviously, could perhaps benefit from the time he will be allowed to reflect in prison, before being re-released to offend again.

Mr. Jolteus' accomplices have not yet been caught.

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