Four-Man Home Invasion Crew Repelled by Elderly Homeowner, or Leave the Old Folks Alone...They Will

31 October 2015, Helena, Montana

“TRICK OR TREAT!” A cry that resounded throughout the country Saturday night as children dressed in their best costumes went door to door soliciting candy from strangers; who willingly gave it.

Except in Helena, Montana, where two “men” attempted to use this slice of Americana as cover for a home-invasion/robbery/potential mass-shooting of an elderly couple.

According to KATV News, four “men” attempted to rob our unnamed Good Guy With A Gun. However, in the best spirit of Being Your Own First Responder, the homeowner was either home-carrying or had his weapon nearby.

As these “men” made entry with a shotgun and rifle pointed at him, the elderly homeowner fired off a shot into his own ceiling, frightening the men and sending them running…MINUS their weapons.

It will be a very sad day if, after these men are caught, their weapons are not returned to the homeowner to be mounted over the fireplace, if only as a reminder to other robbers that:

You may have numbers, superior firepower, youth, and strength…but determination, experience, and home field advantage will still screw you

We cannot say this enough. When the biomass hits the roto-impeller, you have decisions to make. And if that decision is FIGHT! then you need to COMMIT. Anything less than 100% of speed, surprise, and violence of action can cost you your life.

It may anyway. There is no guarantee you will survive unharmed, or even survive. But when it’s your life on the line, is less than 100% acceptable?

To this elderly gentleman, his life, and his partner’s life were worth it.

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