Common-Sense Gun Use

02 November 2015, Carter County, Oklahoma

Sometimes, no matter how meth-addled or desperate one is, common sense shines forth like sunshine.

Tommy Weldon Robbins, 55, of Antlers, OK, a repeat-offender who was most recently charged with burglary in July, displayed rare common sense for a recidivist in the aftermath of his abortive burglary of Sammy Stanfield’s home.

His common sense came into play when Mr. Stanfield returned to his house and surprised him as he was leaving the premises. Mr. Stanfield, living out in the rural part of Carter County, OK, is a Good Guy With A Gun. He’s also a good shot with a gun.

After attempting to halt Mr. Robbins’ advance through non-violent, verbal controls, Mr. Stanfield retrieved a .22 rifle from his truck, ordered Robbins to stop, fired a warning shot, and repeated the order to stop.

Now, as his attack of good sense hadn’t yet taken effect, Robbins continued to advance. Mr. Stanfield, having exhausted verbal controls and not knowing how his assailant was armed, was forced to shot Robbins in the arm.

Robbins broke off his advance and attempted to escape in his car, which Stanfield promptly disabled with well-aimed fire.

Robbins again went after Stanfield and then, the heavens opened and good sense broke through the fog of Robbins’ mind. He surrendered and got on the ground.

Tactically, this was nigh-perfect for a civilian use of force. Mr. Stanfield applied the continuum of force as best as the circumstances allowed. He exhausted his available non-violent options, and gave his opponent multiple chances to surrender before resorting to pulling the trigger.

We applaud Mr. Stanfield for his restraint and coolness under pressure.

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