Sometimes, They Really Are That Stupid

02 November 2015, Newport News, Virginia

Sometimes insanity is doing the same thing and expecting the same results.

An unidentified gunman suffered life-threatening injuries when he attempted to rob a Quick Save convenience store…

Twice in one night.

According to reports, the 23-year-old walked into the store, robbed it, left when a patron walked in, and returned when the patron left.

The clerk was ready for him and promptly shot him.

The individual fled the building and flagged-down a passing police car with his gun still in his hand.

The assailant is still in the hospital and will probably be charged, should he survive his wounds.

The Good Guy With A Gun will not be charged as, as always, self-defense is not a crime.

The lessons we can learn from this are not of the “what went wrong” variety, so much as the “be prepared” brand.

Just because your assailant has departed, it doesn’t mean he or his buddies won’t come back. You Are Your Own First Responder. Be Ready.

This is also an example of one man handling the same incident in two different manners. In the first robbery, he was quite probably taken unawares and cooperated with the criminal; a valid strategy.

The second time, he was ready, and he stopped the threat.

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