This Fifth of November, Gunfire's a Reasonable Thought

04 November 2015, Monroe, Louisiana

An unnamed Good Guy With A Gun is unharmed and will not face charges after an intoxicated Bad Guy attempted to force his way into the man’s home.

Details are sketchy, but police are saying that Donald Dade approached our anonymous good guy while he stood outside the home. Feeling something amiss, the homeowner turned to go into his home but Mr. Dade decided to force his way in behind him.

A brief struggle ensued, ending when the homeowner was able to arm himself and shoot Mr. Dade in the leg.

What went wrong?

1. Our Good Guy apparently did not see Mr. Dade until he was almost on top of him. This indicates a possible lack of awareness of his surroundings. Or, the approach could have begun with an excess of bonhomie in trusting a man in possible distress to come close enough to him to follow him inside.

Either way, this shouldn’t have happened.

By all means, be the change you want to see in the world. Help your fellow man. But be cognizant of the fact that there are people in this world who will take advantage of your goodwill and attempt to do you harm.

2. Early reports indicate that, in addition to having no time to call the police before being assaulted, our Good Guy attempted to avoid the encounter by turning away from Mr. Dade and going inside his home.

If at all possible, NEVER turn your back to a threat. If someone is making you feel like you need to leave or summon the police, then they’re not worth turning your back on.

Back away slowly, keeping an eye on your path, as well as on them. Be ready to react; regardless of if that reaction is to run or to draw your sidearm.

You don't have a sidearm?

3. Home Carry. In this day and age, when you'll only have to fight for your life for a few minutes before the police arrive, having your sidearm to hand is a good thing. it ensures that you have the best possible chance of surviving a violent encounter.

This means you carry at home, too. When you shower, it goes in a secure storage container. When you sleep, same place. So long as you have rapid access to that container, without allowing unauthorized access to children or others.

This also means that you and your family may lose some friends, or at least some houseguests, as people who are afraid of an inanimate object will be reluctant to hang out with one staring at them from across the room or will not like their children playing where there's an "evil" gun in the house just sitting around waiting to go off.

4. Our Good Guy had no time to call the police before the encounter began. In this instance, there was almost no way to know the police would be needed and in that situation you will have to Be Your Own First Responder.

Get training. Be Ready.

5. Train on your own. Whie it is possible that our Good Guy With A Gun was able to stop the Bad Guy with a shot to the leg. Is it likely that our hero was AIMING for the leg?


When we train to fend off a violent attacker, we always train for two things:

1. We do NOT shoot to kill. We shoot to stop the violent assault upon our person or property

(depending on your jurisdiction’s laws).

2. We aim center of available mass. We do this because it affords us the best chance of hitting

our target and hitting our target is what is required when shooting to stop the threat. A

miss is unacceptable and you are (usually) legally liable for any damage that bullet does.

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