Tueller Drill Comes To Life

26 October 2015, Guymon, Oklahoma

A variation on The Tueller Drill has come to life for one alleged Good Guy With A Gun.

The unnamed defender called police claiming that Kennan Lee Rice, 39, had been following him, driving aggressively, and attempting to run him off the road. Finally, they arrived at the shooter’s house and, according to the shooter, Mr. Rice charged at him.

The shooter was forced to Be His Own First Responder and engaged the threat with multiple gunshots, killing Mr. Rice.

What went wrong?

Many things.

1. Our unnamed shooter should have done so as soon as the highway troubles began. While it may not have been possible, if it was, he should have.

2. Our Shooter went to his house. When you are being followed by someone, especially an aggressive driver, why would you show them where you live?

If at all possible, keep driving and go right to the nearest law enforcement or public safety location. Keeping the assault moving may risk innocent drivers, but will also force him to keep at least some of his attention on the road to sustain his assault, especially if you employ defensive driving tactics.

3. Our shooter got out of his car. While not a totally bad idea, barring your assailant having his own gun, that locked car door and window are a barrier between you and your assailant, allowing him time to change his mind, you to reassess the situation and time for police to finally arrive at your rural Oklahoma residence.





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