"Mass-Shooting" in Reading, PA

31 October 2015, Reading, Pennsylvania

Two men were shot dead in a “mass-shooting” at a convenience store manned by two clerks.

The twist? Well…

Security cameras show three Bad Guys pulling on masks and entering the store With at least one Gun and one stun gun. The man with the gun opened fire while the third man grabbed for the cash in the register.

The two clerks, who were behind the power curve from the start of the violent felony, submitted to the robbers until they found an opportune moment, drew their own weapons, and shot two of the three men.

Raul Nieves-Hernandez, 21, was killed in the store and Shavezz Coe, 39, was pronounced dead a little while later at the hospital.

The third violent criminal, who was actually carrying the gun, managed to make his escape and is now wanted for felony murder, as well as the robbery.

The two Good Guys With Guns and a random customer were unharmed while stopping the Bad Guys With a Gun.

The entire incident lasted 22 seconds.

Lessons? A few.

1. Situational awareness. Our clerks were taken by surprise during the violence of the initial assault on their store by the three felons. Not knowing the layout or camera plan of the store, it’s difficult to suggest that a better eye on their windows or monitors may have helped, but they wouldn’t hurt.

2. Speed, surprise, violence of action: Our heroes realized that they had been caught unawares and, instead of acting the fool, they took a calculated risk, waited a second until the criminals had relaxed their guard, and then launched a counterassault, repelling the one criminal they weren’t able to shoot.

3. Time: 22 Seconds. Count’em off with your clock. Think about how little time that is. Now think about the fact that, in a life or death situation, you perception of the flow of time will alter. 22 seconds is going to be an eternity.

And if you fail to act, or act wrongly, or act when you shouldn’t, you or other innocents may suffer harm or death.

The only counter to this is training; training hard, and training often. It’s not guarantee that you’ll survive, but it CAN tip the odds in your favor.

Contact us today to schedule your training.

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