Child Shot By Homeowner

08 November 2015, Louisville, KY

At least, according to the expanded definitions of “child” used by the some states and various gun control groups to bolster their numbers, a child was shot by a homeowner.

In reality, 20-year-old Jamal I. Jackson of Louisville, KY, was part of an armed home invasion crew that hit a house on Oakwood Avenue, opening fire as they kicked in the door. Sadly, their plan hit a bit of a snag: The Homeowner

The homeowner was armed and ready for them. Firing only once, the Good Guy With A Gun forced the Four Bad Guys With Many (probably illegally obtained) Guns to run away, Jackson carrying a bullet in his shoulder.

Jackson was able to drive himself to University of Louisville Hospital. Where he told officers that he wasn’t the one who kicked in the door.

The Lessons:

Be ready. Period. There is no way of knowing, in advance, when a crime will happen to you.

Do these crimes happen often? No, not too often. Out of 300 million or so citizens, maybe 200,000 violent crimes occur. You have a very low risk of being the victim.

The problem is, when you ARE the victim of a crime of violence, especially one such as this wherein it’s you against four armed men, you’re going to want help and you’re going to want it NOW, not 2 minutes from now.

YOU are your own first responder. YOU are the first person to the scene whenever anything happens to you. YOU, as a responsible human, have a moral duty to help yourself whenever possible.

If you live in a tinder-dry house, invest in a few extinguishers. If your health is poor or you're accident-prone, invest in a good first-aid kit and some training.

Your defensive firearm is no different. Get a good one, get some training, and defend yourself.

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