Reader Tipper: Armed Robber Still At Large After Gun Use In Albany, GA

Today’s Good Guy With A Gun comes via a tipper from reader Val C.

11 November 2015, Albany GA

This robbery will never make the national news. CNN will say nothing about it, neither will FOX (National level). You will not see protestors in the streets, nor debate on the floors of congress.


Because nobody was hurt. No blood was spilled and no triggers were pulled.

An almost completely unidentified man, described only as wearing a green coat and mask (no height, no weight, no build, no vocal tics, nothing else) walked into a MiniMart in Albany and brandished a liquor bottle at the clerk in an attempt to rob him.

There are no details as to whether the blunt object in question was empty, full, or even in one piece. Regardless, the clerk drew his weapon and chased the assailant out of the store.

He remains at large and, presumably, thirsty.

This is a classic example of how most of the Good Guys With Guns in this country go about their day: Lawfully. Of the approximately 300 MILLION firearms in our great nation, 299.99 million or so will never be used for anything other than target shooting.

This one was used defensively. But will it be recorded as such? Nobody was injured, so the CDC won’t list it. Given the lack of anything in the article about the firearm being seized or the owner arrested, we can bet that the local police won’t list it as such. And if the locals don’t report it, then the Feds won’t list it as any kind of "justifiable assault" and the National Crime Victimization Survey office won’t know to call this guy and get the details, either. So all we'll have is an attempted robbery with a blunt object to add to the violent crime statistics.

Our Hero will be just one of the Obama administration’s estimated 500,000 (low end) yearly defensive gun uses that you won’t hear about.

But you’ll hear about it here.

There’s no tactical breakdown for this. No strategic corrections to really be made, unless the perpetrator got up close to the clerk and hit him, but that’s not listed in the article.

We would simply like to salute today’s Good Guy With A Gun and applaud him for being His Own First Responder and for showing the discipline required to defend your place of work.

The Link:

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