Shots...Not Fired? In Florida

09 November 2015, Deerfield Beach, Florida

A Deerfield Beach resident awoke this morning to the sound of someone breaking into his home.

Authorities say that Florida Man Grady White, 44, of Pompano Beach attempted to enter through the cat flap around 4:30 Sunday morning carrying two handguns, two knives, cash, bags of loose change, cologne, watches, bracelets, misc. electronics, gloves, and a flashlight.

White’s entry into the home woke the resident, who armed himself and confronted White. White backed out of the cat flap and made his getaway on a bicycle. (Yes. You read that right. A bicycle.)

A police K9 tracked White to his hiding spot and was sent in to get him. White struck the officer repeatedly before being subdued.

There’s not too much we can say about this incident. The Bad Guy With Many Guns tried to break into a house and was repulsed by a Good Guy With A Gun.

All there is to say about improving the house is, perhaps, to close up that hole in the door which any slender individual could come through.

Otherwise, we have a textbook example of how most Defensive Gun Uses happen: no shots fired…at all.

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