Unlicensed, Permit-less Gun Used in Burglary of Octogenarian

13 November 2015, Miami, Florida

Octogenarian Arlene Theresa Orms is an 88-year-old with a powerful desire to be left in peace.

Sadly, this Miami resident’s desires are rarely respected, having been burgled just the week prior. But this time, she was home and she was ready.

An unidentified intruder started jiggling her door knob around 10 P.M., afterwards, he kicked in her door and she fired a single shot from a Beretta .25 ACP.

Our Good Guy With A Gun missed the intruder, but he was driven off. It is unknown if she hit him and police are watching hospitals for any gun people with gunshot wounds.

The lesson here is not so much a story of how shot placement or timing beats caliber, but in how the media portrays the victim of a crime, forced to be Their Own First Responder, as somehow possibly being in the wrong, anyway.

We here deliberately write our headlines in a misleading manner. We hope that gun people will get a chuckle out of the irony in some of them and that maybe, just MAYBE someone will read just the headline and post it in seriousness.

However, in the CBS news story, the author feels compelled to state, “Records show Orms has no criminal record” as a paragraph all on its own.

The Independent, a UK Paper which is expected to vilify anyone acting independent of government, takes a paragraph to detail that the police are unsure if she had a permit for her weapon. What’s strange is that police are said to be unsure. Florida police officers should know that, unlike the People’s Republics of Chicago and New York, the state does not impose any additional restrictions on the purchase of a firearm, feeling that the federal rules are (more than) enough.

While these are not major issues, and could be chalked up to journalistic ignorance or laziness, they are part of the general trend in “news” of journalists letting their personal feelings bleed into what should be hard news reporting without editorializing.

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