Youth Shot, Wounded After Being Caught Up In Robbery

13 November 2015, Superior, Wisconsin

These two young men, 20 and 18 (both under 21 years old and therefore defined as “children” by some states and “activist” groups), decided that they were hard enough to make an unscheduled, unauthorized withdrawal of currency and coin shortly before Superior Coin & Currency closed.

While one does not normally picture coin dealers and money changers as Chuck Norris-esque butt-kickers, one would expect that someone who deals in large amounts of cash and bullion to have some pretty serious hardware at their disposal.

At least, we would. These two MENSA members, apparently unable to obtain a gun through Superior’s vast criminal networks, tried to rob the store armed only with knives.

The clerk, confronted by the two large “children”, was forced to resort to Being His Own First Responder and shot the 20 year-old.

The 18 year-old was caught a few hours later.

Our Good Guy With A Gun was unharmed, but most likely upset and may require extensive therapy after having to use his sidearm, regardless of his justification during a violent crime.

What is missing from some of these reports, and will definitely not make the national news, is the effect our revolving-door justice system had in this attempted robbery. While the two suspects had not been charged as of the latest reporting, the 18 year-old was apparently out on bail and facing seven previous felony counts for burglary, forgery, and bail jumping; as well as two misdemeanor counts of theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

While there are some in life who would have fewer people imprisoned for non-violent crimes and a lessening of sentences for some misdemeanors, could it be, perhaps, that this individual should not have been shown such mercy?

We cannot imagine what idiot took a look at his previous charges for burglary, forgery, and bail jumping and said to themselves, “Ya know, self, this guy is charged with a lot of major dishonesty AND is a flight risk. We should let this guy bond out. He’ll be straight with us.”

As for the clerk, without a better look at the store, it’s hard to say what he could have done better. As a clerk, he’s supposed to stay open until closing time.

Closing time is a vulnerability that all stores go through. Your foot traffic drops off as your regulars make sure to come in well before you close and your staff are focused on their end-of-day tasks. It’s a perfect time for an assailant to come in and take advantage of the distraction to get the drop on the store personnel.

There isn’t actually a whole lot more that they can do that hasn’t already been done. They probably already have cameras and alarm systems. They obviously have armed their employees.

And most likely, the clerk in question was already watching the two “children” since kids don’t spend a whole lot of time in these kinds of stores.

All we can really do is to congratulate the clerk on his marksmanship and lobby his boss to give him a raise. He truly is a Superior clerk.

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