Mass-Shooting Narrowly Averted In Missouri

16 November 2015, St. Louis County, Missouri

An armed water utility worker is responsible for shooting and killing a man in North St. Louis County.

At the time, the deceased man in question was pointing a gun at the worker and his two co-workers in an attempt to rob them.

The unidentified armed robber in question successfully relieved the first two workers of their wallets and had asked the third worker, our Good Guy With A Gun, to get all the good stuff out of the truck…where the shooter’s gun was stored.

The shooter was able to draw his gun and fire one round into the violent felon’s chest, killing him before he had the opportunity to open fire.

One of the things we generally want to know when we discuss people who are forced to Be Their Own First Responders out in public is, “How did this individual get so close to you?”

Did none of the three have the situational awareness to detect him walking up to them in an unincorporated area of the ccounty?

Or was the area built-up, allowing the gunman sufficient concealment to surprise his putative victims?

We don’t know.

What we DO know is that the Good Guy With A Gun was able to react with sufficient speed, surprise, and violence of action that he gained the upper hand and was able to kill his attacker without injury to himself or others.

Another thing we don’t know is why his gun was not ON him? We realize that as a water worker, his gun may be exposed to a bit more moisture than most, but that’s nothing that a good post-work cleaning can’t handle.

We’re willing to bet that all three of them are going to be a lot more aware of their surroundings from now on, though.

The utility worker will most likely not be charged. We congratulate this unnamed hero in stopping what may very well have devolved into a mass-shooting of three innocents before anyone could be harmed.

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