Three PA Men Wounded In Yet Another Mass-Shooting

17 November 2015, Oley Township, Pennsylvania

One man is recovering in the hospital, a second is in custody, a third received treatment for a minor leg wound, and two more men are sought by police after a mass-shooting occurred in connection with an attempted armed burglary early this morning in a small town east of Reading, PA.

Police reported that a homeowner awoke to find one of his assailants standing over him, pointing a gun at him.

Apparently, a small struggle ensued and the homeowner was able to arm himself and fire upon his attackers. As our Good Guy With A Gun was stopping the first of several Bad Guys With Many Guns, he was wounded by a second shooter, standing at the bottom of his stairs, with whom he exchanged fire; hospitalizing the second assailant in the process.

According to police, the two wounded burglars were dropped off at the hospital by two other men who are sought in connection with this violent crime.

Final score:

Good Guy With Gun – 1 Bad Guy With A Gun Hospitalized, 1 Bad Guy With A Gun Treated and Released to custody, two on the loose, and all soon to see the error of their ways after what will be reported by their lawyer as the only violent crime they’ve ever committed.

Bad Guys With Guns – 1 Good Guy With Gun grazed but still walking around free, with no charges awaiting him.

So, what went wrong here? Why did our hero wake up to someone standing over him with a gun? Where was his dog or his alarm system? Did he fail to set it?

How did one man prevail in the face of numerically superior assailant?

We can’t answer all of these questions, but we can see that this incident, along with every other incident on this blog, shows two things:

1. Contrary to what’s circulated in the media, a Good Guy With A Gun can absolutely stop a Bad Guy With A Gun.

2. Not every Defensive Gun Use (DGU) ends in a fatality. While we haven’t done the statistical breakdown of the incidents on this blog, it seems that a large percentage of our bad guys seem to wind up in a hospital or running away unharmed; even the guy who go shot in the head.

What we can also see from this incident is the fact that not every DGU will go 100% your way.

Our protagonist received a minor leg wound. It could very well have been worse. Death was a very real possibility.

There are no guarantees in life. You may do everything right and still be injured or killed.

But with some training, you stack the odds a little bit more in your favor.

Get trained. Practice. Train some more. Hopefully, you’ll never need it.

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