Convenience Store Not Very Convenient For Some

17 November 2015, Kansas City, Missouri

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to work the night shift.

For clerks OR robbers.

According to authorities, a would-be armed robber attempted to hold up a 7-Eleven clerk on Tuesday; barging in, waving his gun around, and telling the Clerk “don’t be a hero”.

The clerk didn’t listen, drawing down on the robber and forcing him to flee.

The robber decide that he’d have the last word, or keep his would-be victim’s head down. He turned at the door and started to level his weapon at the Good Guy With A Gun.

The clerk shot first, returning the robber’s attention to his getaway. However, police have not yet found anyone reporting a gunshot wound.

Though the clerk believes he hit the man, he either didn’t do enough damage to cause the man to seek medical attention or he missed him entirely.

While we applaud the fact that someone didn’t die, that bullet went somewhere.

If you are forced into being Your Own First Responder by some criminal and you’ve made the decision to fire your weapon, you have a responsibility to be aware of your bullet, your target, your backstop, beyond, and to ensure that you don’t put innocent bystanders at risk.

The clerk didn’t intend to send a bullet zinging off into space, but because he missed his target, it happened.

So, how do we reduce the chances that we put innocents at risk during a defensive encounter?


Training is how you teach your body what to do while you’re dealing with the threat. When you make that decision to fire, the muscle movements required to do so should be so ingrained that they are automatic.

Failure to do so can result in your jerking the trigger, anticipating the shot, heeling, pushing, pulling, or some combination thereof and if you do these things you will miss your target.

Train. Don’t miss.

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