Homeowner Puts Brakes on Vehicle Burglary

10 November 2015, Lake Carolina, South Carolina

A SC homeowner is under investigation after the shooting death of a man in his back yard.

According to the homeowner, he heard a noise at his back door and found the deceased attempting to break into his vehicle. On being confronted with his crime, the criminal assaulted the homeowner, striking him with repeatedly with an unidentified object; which is when the homeowner shot him.

The assailant was struck in the upper body and collapsed about 100 yards away. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

11 November 2015

Sheriff’s Department investigators have determined that the shooting was in self-defense, but will keep investigating.

Regardless of the fact that it was self-defense and he lives in a state that hasn’t yet criminalized defense of self, what did the homeowner do that he could have done better?

The biggest thing he could have done to avoid loss of life was to not go outside.

Was someone out there damaging his property? You bet.

Does he have insurance to cover the repairs and losses? Hopefully.

Is he going to have to file a claim about the damage anyway? Yes.

Odds are good that the deceased carried no personal liability insurance, much less insurance covering him for any damage he may cause to another outside his own home. There’s no real insurance company out there which insures criminals for on the job mishaps or damage they cause.

One might also presume, from the fact that he was breaking into cars in the middle of the night, that his estate will not be of sufficient value to cover the damage he caused before he died.

However, our Good Guy With A Gun didn’t necessarily know what was out there. In our opinion, he should not have left the relative security of his house.

However, he did.

As a result, he had to deal with more than he needed to, specifically, he encountered a desperate individual willing to use force to get what he wanted.

Further, he apparently went out there unarmed or with his weapon in a less-than-accessible condition.

If you MUST go outside, pay attention to the example set by EVERY HORROR MOVIE EVER and go with a buddy and/or your weapons at the ready. You don’t have to shoot first and ask questions later, but you will have immediate access to your weapon should you need it.

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