Albuquerque Man Held At Gunpoint By Multiple Persons While Loading His Car

19 November 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Aaron Lujan, 26, was minding his own business while loading his car, when two Albuquerqueans leveld their firearms at him; luckily the police arrrived in time to save him.

We have stressed, repeatedly, that messing with the elderly is generally a bad idea. They have zero F’s to give.

In this instance, Mr. Lujan was loading his car with a generator and power tools from our Good Guy’s garage.

Our septuagenarian Good Guy Without A Gun walked out into his garage, saw Mr. Lujan removing gear from his garage, asked him to stop, and was promptly ignored.

Our hero walked back into the house, told his wife about the problem in the garage, and called the police. Then our Good Guy and Good Gal walked back out toting a shotgun and handgun, respectively.

They politely asked Mr. Lujan to desist with his removal activities and kindly wait for the police to arrive.

Mr. Lujan was saved from the elderly by the police, who found him cowering by a parked vehicle.

In addition to saving him from angry elders, the APD were kind enough to give Mr. Lujan a ride BACK to the Metropolitan Detention Facility, whence he had just been released, earlier that day after being charged with carjacking and felony eluding and, apparently, released on his own recognizance.

The lesson we can draw from today is more than just “Don’t Mess With The Elderly”.

However, the details are somewhat murky and we do not yet know if our hero walked into his garage to investigate a noise or was simply walking out there to get something.

If the former, then we would be remiss in not stating the obvious: Staying behind your locked door is smart, but if you feel you simply MUST investigate, you should probably go ahead and arm yourself.

As regards Mr. Lujan’s presence, perhaps it is time to take a good, looooooong look at the people we allow to bond out on violent charges. If Mr. Lujan’s release that day was for his carjacking charge, why was he released in the first place?

Having shown a willingness to use force in both the commission of a crime as well as in his dealings with police, perhaps his bail should have been set a bit higher. Say….no bail? Perhaps we could have an exchange system:

When your jail hits capacity, you start releasing non-violent offenders until your jail is nothing but violent offenders and drug dealers. THEN you just start smooshing them in there until you can transfer them to a larger lockup where the same protocol would apply.

The alternative is to let violent offenders back out on the street to continue to prey upon law-abiding citizenry.

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