SC Man Killed By Craigslist Respondent

25 November 2015, Aiken, South Carolina

Frank Frazier Jr, 23, was shot and killed by a woman who responded to his Craigslist post advertising his car for sale.

According to Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton, the woman and her male companion responded to Mr. Frazier’s Craigslist post offering a vehicle for sale and arranged to meet Mr. Frazier and his friend on Willis Hill Road in Aiken.

Mr. Frazier and his associate met with the couple and drew weapons in an attempt to rob them.

It was then that the Bad Guys With Guns made a fatal error in judgement. Sexists that they were, they focused a lot of their attention on the woman’s boyfriend. While their attention was diverted from the woman, the Good Gal With A Gun drew her sidearm from her purse and opened fire, striking Frazier and killing him.

According to the information available, this appears to be a textbook example of armed self-defense: innocent people are minding their own business, trouble finds them, innocents defend themselves.

Truly, the only thing that this couple could have done to prevent this from happening is to not have gone to the meeting in the first place.

Craigslist is a wonderful thing. It allows you to meet with people from your local area or wherever in order to obtain just about anything you want for a much lower price than in a store.

The issue is that criminals have realized this, too, and Craigslist (insert crime here) has become a common term in the annals of criminal history. It has become prevalent enough that police departments are offering the use of their parking lots or their facilities to ensure that the transactions occur in a safe place.

We at Interritus would recommend taking advantage of these services wherever possible. And would further recommend using that as a nice litmus test regarding the transaction. If the seller won’t meet you at the police station, why not? Are they wanted? Are the goods stolen? Do they have malicious intentions towards you or the items you’re selling?

Or is it just extraordinarily inconvenient for them to drive there? Which may be just as likely.

Now, aside from the initial mistake of making a Craigslist transaction in the first place, there’s not a whole lot we can say. But we can say something.

The woman and her companion were unaware of the threat and were behind the power curve from the start. It was through a lucky chance that their assailants were distracted enough by her companion that she was able to draw her sidearm and engage their violent robbers.

Further, she was carrying off-body. While this is a valid choice for concealed carry, what would they have done if the thieves had relieved her of her purse before proceeding with the rest of the robbery?

This is something that we all have to consider when we make our concealment decisions. Carrying off-body necessitates that you think hard about where you put your concealment device.

CAN you set it down somewhere? Is that a violation of the law? Are there children running around who will get into your purse while you’re distracted with your own children?

IF you purse-carry, how can you keep your mom-purse on you while out for tea with the girls?

Do you keep it in your lap? How about wedged between you and the back of your chair?

We pose these as questions rather than as “if this, then do that” statements because we can’t know what you’re doing in your life. We want you to ask yourself these questions before you head out the door.

If your answers don’t make you comfortable, perhaps you should revise your carry method until you are.

Let’s address the elephant in the room for all of the people out there who are of the firm belief that these people should have just given them their money and let the police sort it out.

What is the police response time to Willis Hill Road? What was the original intent off the assailants when they drew weapons on our Good Gal With A Gun and her boyfriend?

How much damage would the woman and her boyfriend have sustained had they not provided armed resistance? How close were they when the violence started? Is running an option? Are they faster than you and willing to run you down?

If you were in their place, are you willing to bet your life/health/lack of TBI on these two just taking your valuables and leaving you totally unharmed to file a police report at your leisure?

What amount of damage are you willing to accept before resisting?

Punch to the face? Pistol Whipping? Stabbing? Bullet to the midsection? How about rape? These guys already have you at gunpoint in a location in which they’re comfortable with pulling weapons in broad daylight. Do you really think that they’d quail at committing other interpersonal violence while they have the opportunity?

Or are you counting on the police to come rolling in to save you?

While we love the cops here, please see Castle Rock v Gonzales for how that works out for you if they’re not there in time. (Hint: Not well for you without a recognized duty to protect on their part)

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