OK Man Opens Fire At Burger King During Dinner Hours

29 November 2015, Tulsa, Oklahoma

An Oklahoma gun fetishist opened fire outside of a Burger King in Tulsa, shooting a man who approached him. The wounded man rushed himself to the hospital. The shooter eventually left the scene with no trouble.

Well, that’s the way some in the anti-2nd Amendment crowd will see this, though maybe with some additional references to situations like this which never occur in real life.

Back here on Earth, we would fill in the blanks without the pro-criminal slant.

According to Tulsa Police (who, not being able to be everywhere, arrived after the incident had ended), a Tulsa man was forced to defend himself from a crowbar-wielding attacker outside of a Burger King. The licensed concealed weapons permit holder shot the man once, in the shoulder.

The assailant fled the scene and was located by the police at the hospital but they have not yet charged him.

The Good Guy With A Gun is cooperating with the police.

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